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CBPRESS | ClickBank Marketplace Plugin for WordPress

Plugin Download & Activation

Please download the latest version of cbpress from the plugin repository on

Please click here to purchase cbpress to enable your own clickbank id on hoplinks.

Current version: 0.9.0

To update your existing version, download the latest cbpress release.

Version Release Date File
0.9.0 08/04/2012 download

Upgrade / Install Instructions

Note: This process will not affect any previous data created by cbpress.

  1. Click on "Plugins" from your WordPress admin menu
  2. Locate CB PRESS in the activate plugins list and click the "Deactivate" link.
  3. Locate CB PRESS again and click on the "Delete" link.
  4. Next click the on "Add New" link from the WordPRess plugins page,
  5. Then click on the upload link.
  6. Download and save the latest version of cbpress onto your computer

    • text box - Enter the name of a Plugin zip file from your local computer.
    • Browse - Or, Click to browse your computer's local hard drive and the select the Plugin zip file name is placed in the text box.
    • Install Now - Click this button to install the Plugin from the zip file detailed in the text box.

  7. After a you've successfully uploaded the zip file, WordPress will display an "Activate Plugin" link. Click it and That's It!
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